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In the last years the level of competence required by professionals engaged in auditing activities has substantially increased.

All the professionals of the Office engaged in this activity are recorded at the National Registry of Auditors at the Ministry of Justice, after having taken part at the special professional training and the following passing of the professional qualification test.

The continuous updating with participation in masters, seminars and conferences on auditing allows the professionals of the Office to constantly refine the system of checks, in line with the objectives of the assignment.


  • Support for the implementation of the system of Internal Auditing

  • Control of the adequacy and reliability of the internal auditing system present in the company

  • Acquisition of assignments for voluntary and mandatory auditing

  • Administrative, accounting and tax due diligence

  • Control on single financial statement items or parts of enterprises

  • Participation in Boards of Statutory Auditors

  • Participation in Boards of Auditors on the Accounts of Public Authorities


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