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About us

For over 25 years alongside businesses and individuals

We are an associated firm of certified public accountants and accounting experts, deeply rooted in the Emilia region. Here, in more than 25 years of operation, we have grown strong relationships and lasting trust relationships, but we interact with business communities nationally and internationally, connecting them to local energies.

In Bologna, Modena, Reggio and Casalgrande (RE), along and around the Via Emilia, the road that has always linked these lands of work and innovation to the rest of the world, are our offices. And along the Via Emilia there are our customers:

  • Large Italian and multinational companies working in the area
  • Medium and small enterprises
  • Individuals and households
  • Public bodies

At RTZ everyone finds attentive listening and professional answers, with solutions designed in detail for everyone’s needs and never pre-packaged. We have maintained the same approach since RTZ was born in 2008 from the merger of Studio Pelliciardi Rutigliano Tiezzi and Studio Zucca & Associati , and it has remained unchanged in 2020 with the integration with Studio Fontani.

Each of us walks alongside all the others and all together with our customers.
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Tailored solutions for every need

We have long experience working alongside companies and individuals, and we know that counseling and assistance are more than tasks to be completed-they are goals to be achieved together with our clients, to whom we offer all kinds of services through integrated, multidisciplinary work teams.


Our main specializations are.

  • assistance and advice in tax matters, including litigation, tax due diligence and tax planning activities, to companies and individuals;
  • assistance and advice in corporate and corporate matters;
  • Assistance and advice in the area of extraordinary corporate transactions;
  • Assistance and counseling in the area of business crisis;
  • Assistance and advice in the field of labor law;
  • assistance and advice in the area of financial statements and any related issues, including typical statutory audit activities;
  • Accounting and administrative assistance and advice, including compliance with public offices

The substance of values

We are joined as partners by lawyers, academics, corporate finance experts and financial practitioners, with whom we share professional and often human paths, but above all values:

  • Trasparency
  • Confidentiality
  • Effectiveness and Efficiency
  • Enhancement of professionalism
  • Individual and collective brand growth

This is why RTZ today is a recognised brand in the business communityof our territories, which goes beyond individual professionals. Because each of us walks alongside all the others and all together with our clients. As each of us walks alongside all the others and all together with our customers.